Water Conservation Services For Landscaping

California Has Water Problems!

Let’s get one thing clear from the beginning… most landscapes in Southern California have been overwatered.

Interestingly enough, landscape irrigation only accounts for about 9% of water use in the state of California. To put this in context, water for landscapes is estimated at about 50% of the residential water consumption in the state.

So although landscape irrigation is not a large portion of the overall water usage, it is a major portion of the usage for homes and businesses.

Most businesses and homeowners can reduce water usage up to 10% by making small adjustments to your irrigation systems including checking automatic valves, spray heads and other connections.

While this is a great place to start for small reductions, significant reductions require more consideration.

One of the primary goals of water conservation is being able to estimate the water demands of any particular landscape.

Estimating plant water usage with science.

We use the same scientific approach to estimating landscape watering requirements as city planners, regulators, and designers use.

We perform all our soil and plant analysis through Waypoint Analytical. Waypoint Analytical (WA) is arguably the largest agricultural laboratory group and among the top 50 environmental lab groups in the United States. WA has established its agricultural soil labs as the most reliable and timely provider of agricultural soil test data. 

Our Water Conservation Services

Soil Testing & Soil Treaments

What’s the old saying?… An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure.

So it is with water conservation. Most water use issues begin in the soil. Being able to identify and correct soil issues can prevent having to implement more costly water conservation efforts, such as re-designing the irrigation system or the entire landscape.

The goal of water conservation is to use the least amount of water to support the health needs of the plants in the landscape.

Often we are able to treat the soil with nutrients and additives to allow for healthy plants and less water usage.

That’s why the first step in any water conservation project is to get the soil(s) tested at Waypoint Analytical laboratory.

From their findings we will make the necessary adjustments to your soil from additives, nutrients, and/or mulching.

Turf Removal & Replacement

We can give you options, about whether replacing your turf grass with a different species or removing it all together will fit your water conservation needs. We also have the capability of adding soil amendments, Like polymers or similar water conserving products. Adding these to the soil can extend the time between waterings.


Irrigation Retrofits

We can help you redesign your landscaping to create an aesthetically pleasing environment with lower water use requirements.

We begin by identifying hydro zones. Hydro zones are the smallest water management units identified within a water conservation plan.

Hydro zones allow us to treat the water needs of one hydro zone differently than another. So basically we’re trying to ask the question of how much water do different landscapes require.

We take into consideration all the different species of plants within your landscape and how they interact, to affect the water usage requirements of your property.

Based on the particulars of your landscape we can create a natural looking low water use design. We can help you design hydro zones that have a low water dependency.

Factors that affect water use by zone include sunlight, temperature, humidity, wind, plant species, plant size, and other site characteristics.

We can let you know whether your landscape needs to be replanted with specific drought resistant plants, or if we can still save water with your existing plants.

We consider how much shade or sunlight is hitting a particular area given the mix of trees, ground covers, and shrubs in each hydro zone.

We can have plants spaced close together or far apart with ground cover and without.

Our Services:

We are a fully LICENSED BUSINESS with twenty years of experience.

Tree Treatment

Azteca Horticultural Services provides treatment on urban and forest trees by using three different types of treatments: foliar spray, trunk injections, and soil injections.

Shrub Treatment

Our shrub care experts use years of knowledge and expertise to combat and control common dangers like insects and disease that destroy your plants.

Pest Control

Pest control- Treatment of insects in city, commercial, industrial and residential landscapes. Also, AHS control's insect around the exterior of building (not the interior.)

Rodent Control

Rodent control - Is a service that deals with the controlling of pest in fields, parks, city landscapes, industrial, residential and commercial building and associations, as well as golf courses.

Nutrition Application

Nutrition applications- AHS offers nutrition applications for city or private landscapes, city parks, sports fields, and golf courses.

Weed Control

Weed Control- AHS offer weed control for parking lot, shrub landscapes, turf, sidewalks, and vacant lots.


AHS controls weeds in fish ponds, reservoirs such as irrigation channels and canals. AHS deals with aquatic weeds by chemical applications.

Noe Farias

Founder & CEO

Azteca Horticultural Services provides services in agriculture pest control, weed control, rodent control, tree treatments, among others. We specialize in four different types of applications methods. They are trunk injection , using baits for rodents , foliar/spray applications for pest and weeds, and soil injections.

In order for us to achieve our customers goals we offer experienced applicators that follow industry best practices. Our applicators and managers are required to be licensed or certified through the Department of Pesticide Regulations. Which is obtained by passing a state exam. While the applicator and manager are licensed they are required to achieve twenty hours of continuing education every two years in order to comply with California State Laws and Regulations. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to handle any agriculture services you might have.

We follow the most stringent public safety guidelines in the treatment of your greenery.

California Department of Pesticide Regulation as a Qualified Applicator and Pest Control Business. License# 40649.