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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Azteca Horticultural Services?

We are a landscape company that focuses on the specialties of a customer’s landscape. We focus on tree care, turf and sport turf care, and other commercial and residential landscapes.

Do you do tree trimming?


Are you licensed?

We hold both a Qualified Applicator Licensed and a Pesticide Business License.

Will you write Integrated pest management systems?

We will write a program that best fits your budget and needs.

What services do you offer?

We take care of pest, fungal infections. Bacterial infections, and fertilization programs.

Do you offer landscape maintenance services?

We do not.

Do you use Round-up?

We have moved away from Round-up and now offer a better solution to controlling weeds.

Do you use organic products?

Yes, we use Omri certified products and horticultural oils. Please visit https://www.omri.org/ to get a list of products.

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Azteca Horticultural Services

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