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Pest control

Pest control- Treatment of insects in city, commercial, industrial and residential landscapes. Also, AHS control's insect around the exterior of building (not the interior.) Some pest are:

  • Ants
  • Aphids
  • Scales
  • Spiders
  • Spider mites
  • White flies
Rodent control

Rodent control - Is a service that deals with the controlling of pest in fields, parks, city landscapes, industrial, residential and commercial building and associations, as well as golf courses. Some of the rodents we treat for are:

  • Ground Squirrels
  • Pocket Gopher
  • Moles
Weed control

Weed Control- AHS offer weed control for parking lot, shrub landscapes, turf, sidewalks, and vacant lots.

  • Weeds that are in the growing stage AHS uses a post emergent which can be non selective or selective herbicide.
  • Weeds that are in the seeding stage, a pre emergent would be applied.
  • Weed management Program will be offered to customers

AHS controls weeds in fish ponds, reservoirs such as irrigation channels and canals. Treatments in municipal water supplies, recreational waters like river, lakes, ponds, and streams. Finally, in ornamental ponds such as golf courses, parks , and businesses. AHS deals with aquatic weeds by chemical applications. Three different types of weeds are found in aquatics:

  • Algae
  • Emersed
  • Submersed
Tree Treatment

Tree Treatment- AHS provide treatment on urban and forest trees by using three different types of treatments: foliar spray, trunk injections, and soil injections. AHS treats for:

  • Fungi disease
  • Root disease
  • Sucking insects
  • Chewing insects
  • Wood Bores (Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer)
Nutrition application

Nutrition applications- AHS offers nutrition applications for city or private landscapes, city parks, sports fields, and golf courses.

  • Liquid or granular fertilizers
    monthly applications
    quarterly applications
  • Soil amends
    organic soil amendments
  • Wetting agents